MHSAA recently issued a statement outlining their desire to begin fall school sports (including Pellston sponsored volleyball, football and cross country) in the fall as originally scheduled. While this communication is encouraging, it is worth mentioning that it very clearly states that it is dependent upon schools/regions across the entire state to be progressing through the phases of the MI Safe Start Plan. “Plans remain reliant on progression by schools and regions across the state according to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s MI Safe Start Plan. Currently, two regions are in Phase 5, which allow for limited indoor activity, while the rest are in Phase 4 and unable to host indoor training, practice or competition.”

Pellston Public Schools is located in just 1 of 2 regions in the state where students are even allowed to enter school buildings. Pellston coaches and administration worked diligently to instill measures that allow this to happen safely and in accordance with the guidelines issued from MHSAA. These include allowing just 8 students into the weight room and fewer than 20 into the gymnasium while maintaining physical distance, mask wearing during check-in times, symptom tracking, sanitizing between workouts, etc. We are not currently allowed to scrimmage or compete with students from other districts. In fact, the majority of schools in the state are not able to conduct indoor workouts of anytime as they are in Phase 3 or 4.

In an effort towards being able to play actual school sports this fall, the staff and coaches of Pellston Public Schools are committed to doing everything within our means to limit the spread of Coronavirus. This includes not conducting or attending typical summer camps and clinics at all levels of middle and high school (varsity basketball camps, varsity volleyball camps, the traditional youth volleyball/basketball summer camp, etc.). It has come to our attention that an area district has elected to conduct a youth volleyball camp. While everyone in Hornet Nation is itching to get after it on the field, court, course, diamond, etc, we do not believe that it is in the best of interest to host or attend a camp or clinic in the current environment.


The most recent update from MHSAA can be found in its entirety here –> https://www.mhsaa.com/Portals/0/Documents/AD%20Forms/MHSAA%20Summer%20Guidance%20Update%204.pdf

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Matt Sheick, Athletic Director at msheick@pellstonschools.org or 231-539-8801 ext 10080.

Stay safe!