Hornets News · COVID-19 Plan for Tonight’s Regional Girls Basketball Final at Pellston

*This is the plan for THURSDAY’S REGIONAL FINAL GAME between Engadine and St Ignace, Friday’s district final plan is TBD*


In light of guidelines from MHSAA regarding tonight’s Regional Finals for girls basketball held at Pellston, here is the plan:

– Spectators will be limited to 50 individuals from EACH PARTICIPATING SCHOOL (Engadine and St Ignace). This number does not include bench personnel (players, coaches, trainers, THIS MUST BE LIMITED TO PEOPLE NORMALLY ON YOUR BENCH)
– There are no “pass lists,” all non-bench personnel will need one of the 50 tickets.
– Participating schools will decide how to handle issuing their allotment of 50 tickets. There is no charge for these tickets. Participating school ADs will be contacted by Matt Sheick, Pellston AD regarding this process.
– Doors will open to those pre-ticketed spectators at 5:30 pm.
– Locker rooms/gym floor will still be open to participating teams at 5:00 pm.
– No pre/post game handshakes between teams/officials or during the award presentation
– There will be no concession stand.
– All media must be credentialed by MHSAA.
– Our staff will be reduced to those essential to the production of the game.
Basically, unless you have a ticket in hand, please do not attempt to arrive at the game. If you have questions, please contact Matt Sheick, Athletic Director of Pellston High School at 231-539-8801 extension 10080.