Hornets News · PINK OUT VOLLEYBALL GAME 10/24/18

The Hornets will be hosting this year’s Volley for a Cure game on Wednesday, October 24.  This year’s game will be played for Jane Price who was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer.  Jane is a 1999 graduate of Pellston High School and currently has a son in 3rd grade at our elementary school. Please come out and support Jane and the Lady Hornets as they take on Cheboygan.  The JV game starts at 5:30 pm.  There will be a bake sale and 50/50 during the game.


More info on Jane and her diagnosis below…


Jane Price (Jane Wolf) grew up in Bliss and graduated from Pellston in 1999. She played volleyball throughout high school and was a part of the first varsity team to make it to quarter-finals two years in a row. They learned plays that were only being done by college-level teams. They were one of the first teams in the area to make the switch from long, baggy shorts to tiny little spandex. They paved the way for the great success of the Pellston Volleyball program that is still going strong nearly 20 yrs later. She & her husband, Evan, have an 8 yr old son, Kaleb, who attends Pellston Elementary. Her mother in law, Wendy Price, taught at Pellston for 27 yrs. The entire family has been so touched by the support of this amazing little school & community.
This past June, at age 37, Jane was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer. She has no family history of cancer, she’s young, she’s healthy, she breastfed, she did regular self-exams…..and everything right to try to prevent this monster that still managed to find her. Thankfully it was found early by chance, at a late night emergency room visit for a kidney stone. Anyone who has ever experienced one knows it is the last thing you’d ever call a blessing…but this one literally saved her life. They did a CT scan of her kidneys and just happened to notice a small spot on the scan. They assured her it was probably nothing, as 80% of lumps & spots are benign. But the worry & fear that comes with that kind of news is nearly crippling. She waited through multiple kidney surgeries, then was finally cleared to go for a mammogram and biopsy. On June 21, her world turned upside down as she was given the news. She underwent surgery in July to remove the mass, which was successful with clear margins. But it had began trying to spread into her lymph nodes, so chemotherapy was the next step.
Jane just finished her 3rd treatment, and will continue infusions every 21 days until next August. Just about every side effect they said might happen from chemo, she has experienced. It’s been incredibly hard on her body. But with such love and support surrounding her, she is keeping that positive fighting spirit. Her husband & sweet little boy have been so brave and literally carry her through the worst days. It’s going to be a long road ahead. But without the dark, we would never see the stars. One day at a time, one breath at a time, she is determined to win this fight. It’s for every brave warrior out there and every life changed by cancer. Jane is so incredibly touched by all the love that surrounds us here tonight. Watching both teams come together as one, to pink-out this gym and honor Breast Cancer Awareness month, is so heartwarming. The Price family sends so much gratitude and love right back to each of you!