Hornets News · Sting Squad Travels to IL

The Sting Squad hit the road on Thursday night to cheer on the Lady Hornets as they faced the Inland Lakes Bulldogs. Both the JV and varsity Lady Hornets did not come out with wins, we still had fun! Almost 40 students rode the spectator bus to and from the game in Indian River, as you can see below, they were getting warmed up!


The students all had a great time and did a fantastic job staying positive with every single cheer and chant all night long!

Here’s a look at the Snapchat Story of the Sting Squad, on the road, for a girls basketball game!

Shoutouts and thanks to ALL the students who made the trip and special thanks to Chloe Keil for painting our BOTF SEMIFINALIST banner, Alex Dreffs and Kaitlyn Bricker for leading the cheers on Thursday night and Shelby Grant for taking over MHSAA’s Snapchat account! Go Hornets!